Archeage: Take Your Own Hereafter Gate into A New Server With Our Paid Character Transfer Service

We added an important known issue to this service that we are investigating -- If your transfer fails, it may be because you have auctions pending on the auction house or a bid pending on an item. If that is the case, log in, cancel your bid or auctions, and attempt to transfer again

Make the Auctioneer into a fool for special costume synthesis rewards: March 22 – April 19

The Auctioneer has been getting a little uppity recently. He doesn’t want gilda stars anymore, no, he wants Prismatic Diamonds! Has that guy looked at the Auction House prices lately? Knock him down a few pegs in the spirit of April Fool’s day, and claim some excellent costume synthesis materials for yourself!

Exploits and You: A Community Guide to What Goes, and what doesn't in ArcheAage

Today we'd like to discuss exploits with you all. We know this is a hot topic in the community, and it has led to continual questions on what is and what is not allowed in the world of ArcheAge.

A note on in-game deception and name impersonation for ArcheAge

We'd like to discuss our policies on scamming in ArcheAge. Being a cutpurse can be a way of life in Erenor, if you don't mind burning a few bridges. As the player got the items via name impersonation, we here on the team did make the decision to reverse the accidental trade and send the items back to Therapist.

22 Tips to help you Fixes ArcheAge Crashes, Errors and Series Problem!

If you're having trouble running ArcheAge due to crashes, errors, bugs, and performance issues, read through this mammoth guide of 22 known ArcheAge problems and solutions.

How to Buy Safe ArcheAge Gold – Avoid Getting Banned

As a trustworthy archeage gold seller, no one else is more familiar with this question than ArcheAge-Store, we have been selling ArcheAge Gold for a long time since the game came out, frankly, none of our customers have got banned for buying from us.

Loyal ArcheAge Players Disgruntled

Recently, several "Return to ArcheAge" gifts including some rare items and a Cynafin Dolphin were giving out to the ArcheAge former players. However, those players who are currently playing the game seems to be very upset at this.

ArcheAge's Population will increase after this patch?

Do you guys think AA's Population will increase after this patch? I don't specifically think the population will increase that much, I do think some old players will come back to the game for a try.

Best Ways to Make a Living in ArcheAge?

We know that in ArcheAge you can do pretty much whatever you want: start a farm, become a dungeon raider, an explorer, a pirate, a trader, a crafter, etc.

Tales From A ArcheAge Pirate

I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about what own faction piracy is, or at least they look at it from the wrong angle. I've been both the pirate and the victim but I think i'm more of the former.

Radically Different ArcheAge Version

I was looking through the Russian and Korean data bases and I noticed something rather shocking. Apparently, crafting delph gear in Korea/Russia doesn't require 50k proficiency. It requires 25k.

ArcheAge 3 New Zones Patch 1.7 KR

There are 3 new zones has been added in ArcheAge 1.7 Patch KR, included the Diamond Shores and Library, let's see this video and know more.
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