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ArcheAge's Population will increase after this patch?

Do you guys think AA's Population will increase after this patch?


I don't specifically think the population will increase that much, I do think some old players will come back to the game for a try.


What I do think is that the patch will get people on our servers to visit the centre of the map and the new pvp zone more. A lot of players visit diamond shores at the moment but I wouldn't call library a fun\rewarding multiplayer experience, I enjoy PvP there but that's just because it attracts players to the area. On this note I hope the added questline in diamond shores gives people not 55 yet access to some easy experience possibly even some xp dailies (55 but hey I have other tree's to grind).


My hope is that from the random guy with a clipper to top tier guilds with a fleet of galleons you will see them modifying and wanting to use these ships in activities around freedish (especially for the gold trader event).


A lot of people still do halcy on my server but its mostly a pve event now, I think the new capture the base type zone should also be a really active PvP event. Reading the notes about how it works I believe you will see guilds and groups of varying sizes there trying to capture their own base.


There is also some changes to fishing that I believe will make it more profitable , another reason for people to be out on the sea.


Tldr , I don't think the patch will vastly change server populations but I think you should have a lot more to do in game with better rewards and you should see a lot more players generally day to day