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Best Ways to Make a Living in ArcheAge?

We know that in ArcheAge you can do pretty much whatever you want: start a farm, become a dungeon raider, an explorer, a pirate, a trader, a crafter, etc.


The Problem is... in Theory it sounds great to be only a Crafter, or only be Trader etc. But when you want to play AA that way it could get easily boring, when you want fun in AA than you must do more of that Things, because the Gameplay of one of that Gameplay Elements are too primitive.


Crafting is only: Open Windows, click how much you want to craft, click start and show how the bar walk to the right side and cross your fingers that it get procct... so no Interacting at all at the Crafting.


Farming is only: Buy seed and plant it on enough Space on your Farm, optional you could water the seed to shorten the grow time... and than wait until it grow up, pick it up and cross the fingers to get a special Item.


Mining is only: make a race with other Players on respawning Ores and cross the Finger that you get a special Ore (Gold, Silver etc. instead of only Iron) and cross the Finger twice that there is no other Players that can gather Ores much fast than you...


Treasurehunting: dive on always the same place on the Ocean and cross the Finger there is a Treasure Box and cross it twice that there is not only some crap in it... With luck you get a Treasure Card with Coordinates that you must find and can even on the Enemies Land (good, that makes a bit more fun).


Trading: ok, with that you could really have fun, that is one of the strengths of AA, but the Problem on this is: you could get ArcheAge gold for Building Plans or you get Money, which you get after 22h and with a tax and there are much better ways to make more Money in the Game...


All together are a nice variety, but one thing alone are a bit too easy designed to have Fun on this for a long time. At that Point it is a typical Theme Park, where every Player should do all as many Content as possible, not like a true Sandbox, where a Player can only be a Crafter and is fully occupied with that and so he can fully live that out.