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Radically Different ArcheAge Version

I was looking through the Russian and Korean data bases and I noticed something rather shocking. Apparently, crafting delph gear in Korea/Russia doesn't require 50k proficiency. It requires 25k.


The only thing that takes 50k are the costumes (which are now worthless) and mass production. Then I decided to compare other professions. Apparently all the picture frames and canvases trion charges us 2 dollars for are craftable in the other versions. ARTISTRY to be precise. What?


Then I look at building/construction. There's tons of recipes trion has seemingly deleted from the game. What?


So here is our reality: The western version of archeage is literally 2 times as grindy as the so called korean version. All of a sudden, everything falls into place in my mind. Now it makes sense that there are 1k/1.5k prof boosters for your house. 2.5k does jack shit in a setting where you need 50k prof to craft the top end goods, but it makes sense if the requirement is only 25k. Now it makes sense why crafts like artistry have nothing in them: trion took them now. Now it makes sense why Koreans sell armor in their cash shops: The arent as important or hard to craftin the first place with suchlow PRE-REQS.


The korean version is pay2win? It's our version that forces you to pay to win: pay to buy labor, to spend twice as long and hundreds of more on resources to level up proficiencies for no reason. Pay2decorate your house with pictures which they double dip on in the crest stamp department. Now it makes sense why labor potions are cheap and have a low cooldown; because they arent even necessary if you've already made your gear by 25k prof! Half a month of offline labor regen versus 2? What a joke!


But it's xlga'ems fualt hurr durr im a retard.


Ok, now go look at the Chinese database. They have lower, lower prepreqs and lower labor costs. Our version really is the worst version, with the least amount of content and literally more grind than the Chinese/Korean versions.


This doesnt even take into account the lack of content between the versions. And if someone says these were ArcheAge 1.7 crafting changes, I dont even care! I'm done with this, I'm going to china! Zia jian!


For example: