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Tales From A ArcheAge Pirate

I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about what own faction piracy is, or at least they look at it from the wrong angle. I've been both the pirate and the victim but I think i'm more of the former. I've taken fishing boats, trade-ships but mostly farm carts. 


First off I don't do it because I hate my faction or want revenge on the times it's happened to me. I don't do it because I think I'm some PvP god or have anything against you, your guild, or any other reason people often rattle off in shout chat. Nor am I an angry child or in any other way less able then you to do my own carts or fishing.


I don't even want to really kill you if I can help it. The ten infamy isn't the end of the world but if I can push you off and hop on? Something for nothing is always the best ratio. I don't want to fight you after and I don't care about skill or honor. If I wanted those things I could literally do arena's and get honor. It isn't about you or me it's just a thing that happened. If you flag on me later that's fine. Nobody says you have to like it. I know I don't like it when it happens to me, but you'll have a lot more fun when you move on. I forget about it after the packs are safe and go back to doing whatever it was I was doing. Yelling at me won't undo what's been done. You can bring a guild in but now you're just wasting there time. If they can reclaim what's been taken then I encourage you to rally the troupes. Getting a lost boat back is always a great feeling to share with friends. Yet if I'm gone? Then move own. Move more with the guild or do something else. It isn't the end of the world and I didn't do it to ruin your day.


archeage pirate


I pirate because it takes the best ways to make money and turns it into something I enjoy instead of a soul-less grind. I'm just using a mechanic and having fun. I don't think it's any more "mean" then using a lighting bolt in Mario Kart. It's a part of the game. Hell it's even less effective then fishing or running packs myself, but I like it more. 


You win some and you lose some. I'm not ashamed to try or to fail. I might feel a little silly if I goof up and you get away but if you're better then me? Out pvp me? Or I simply miss your boat? That's okay. It only costs me one infamy or less to try. I'll try again later if I get the chance. None of this is about pride or spite, it's simply someone enjoying a certain part of the game. It is what it is. If you let it be I think you'd all enjoy the game a lot more and stop being so wrapped up in all the reasons you can't do something or why someone else did something and start doing for yourselves instead.


I don't think the system is broken or that you need to pick sides. I spend most of time in green areas so it's logical that I would find more chances to pirate in these areas. I also enjoy things like farming or making larders as they require less effort then normal packs. Those are things that might be hard to do as a real pirate. I have no desire to go to prison if I lose a fight and while the draw of extra swim speed is nice the game gives me the choice of staying green as much as it gives you the choice to stay out of places where people like me can steal from you. That's pretty fair I think.