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Archeage: Anyway to make armor stronger?

Some gamers have played ArcheAge for awhile now but have mostly stuck to themself, being the solo player they are likely to try finding things out myself, but recently one of the players gotten a very interesting armor set which he likes for its design and general stats. Issue is its weaker than the armor he has which he has been stuck with for awhile now, he was wondering if there's a way he can increase his armors stats so it can be much better than his more so annoying set of armor?


Below is the tips for the issues.


If the player are evel 50+, yes, you can improve armour, via armour temper (you can buy this with loyalty or on the AH or from a general merchant, it increases stats and defence) and gemming/lunafrosts (this can be pricey), and you can also image one piece of armour with another (using fusion albemics from the marketplace or AH). But it is depending on what armour we're talking about.


Look at auroria armor on the AH, it's usually cheap as dirt and usually better than Mag. If it's better than your armor, buy it then use fusion emblics to make the armor appearance you like stick to the better auroria armor.


You can increase your armor's status with tempering and gems, but I don't think that increase will ever be enough to make it comparable to better armor. Regrading will also help, but it's an expensive process. If you go above Celestial, be aware that the most likely outcome is complete destruction of the armor.


You can apply the appearance of your current armor to other, better armor using fusion alembics.


If you have any better idea, please reply and we truly thank you for your suggestion.