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ArcheAge's Crafting Guide

ArcheAge is famous for it's vast and interesting crafting system. If you are tired of battles, sieges and dungeons, the game offers you the chance to relax by building houses or crafting items. You can create a lot of beneficial items which aid you throughout the game. Want to build a ship? Not a problem, just get the resources.


The general difference between crafting in ArcheAge and crafting in other MMO games is that AA allows players to not only gather resources but also generate them. For instance, players can plant a tree and gather apples from it later. Which is amazing.


In most MMO games crafting is only about creating new gear and potions. In ArcheAge you can not only create small items but also build houses, castles, walls, big and small ships and so on. The greatest thing is that these objects are really useful in the game. For example, a ship allows you to travel the seas with your friends and explore underwater territory!


This guide would be far too long to incorporate all of the systems, mechanics, and processes involved in crafting as the system is so depth. Instead, this is going to be the foundation - purely what crafting is, the professions, and how the leveling system works. Once you understand that, the crafting system and what you're going to want to do makes you more famillar with the game.




Each crafting action – mining, gathering, manufacturing and so on - requires Labor Points. The cost of an action depends on the difficulty. If the action you want to perform is easy you will spend few points, but if the action is difficult you will most likely spend a lot of Labor.


When your character has no labor he loses his ability to craft, gather and produce items (You can see your Labor bar above the experience bar.). The labor Power pool is limited and can be restored, all you need to do is wait. Non-premium players recover 5 point every 5 minutes (1440 per day). Premium accounts allow players to get 10 points every 5 minutes when online, and 5 points when offline (max 2880 per day).




Here's a quick run down on what the professions are and what they craft.


Alchemy: Potions, lunastones (to enhance gear), materials for other crafts, and dyes.

Carpentry: Wood furniture and wooden weapons like bows.

Commerce: Trade packs and Auctioning.

Composition: Sheet music.

Construction: Doesn't produce anything, gained by completing construction steps.

Cooking: Food.

Farming: Planting and harvesting specifically fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Fishing: For catching fish.

Gathering: Planting and harvesting specifically herbs and plants that aren't part of Farming.

Handicrafts: Jewelry, tools for fishing, instruments, and house decorations.

Husbandry: Animal care.

Larceny: Increased as you steal crops and livestock from players of your faction.

Leatherworking: Leather armor and pelts.

Logging: Chopping down trees.

Machining: Vehicles, ships, and gliders.

Masonry: Stonecraft

Metalwork: Plate armor and turning ores into ingots.

Mining: Gathering metal.

Printing: Creating paper and books.

Tailoring: Cloth armor and fabric.

Weaponry: Metal weapons.


Professions without Crafting




Fishing allows players to catch fish. The more you progress the more chance you have of catching big fish.




Larceny allows your character to steal better.




Composition allows you to compose music. The more you advance the longer the music will be.




Construction lets you spend less Labor power when you build houses or ships.


You may notice that some of the professions are better to level together than others. For example, if you are going to focus on Metalworking, you may want to level up Mining in order to have enough ore for ingots. An alchemist may want to benefit from Farming and so on. Anyway it's difficult to get all you need for your professions without trading with other players. Especially when crafting high level items.


Leveling Professions


Each profession has 5 ranks (levels) defined in points. The maximum number of points is 50 000 for each profession. You earn points for every action of a definite profession.


When you reach the required amount of points, to advance to the next level, you will see up and down arrows next to the name of the profession. The "Up" arrows allow you to advance to the next rank if you wish. NOTE: you can't level all professions in ArcheAge to Master. There are restrictions. There are 21 professions right now and each player can advance up to 5 of them to Apprentice rank, from which 4 can be Journeyman rank, 3 can be Expert rank, leaving only 2 which can be leveled to Master.


Benefits from Leveling


When you level up a profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions within that profession.

It's a great way to spend less labor power.

Sometimes new ranks will give you new possibilities/recipes. For example you may be allowed to collect higher level resources or to use higher level items for crafting.


Above is the rough guide for crafting system. Hope it is helpful and have fun!