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Paid Character Transfers Has Been Open in Archeage

Here is good news for the players of Archeage. Trion announce that you give Trion credits, and Trion moves your characters. This is win-win!


Archeage has been set to open "paid character transfers". Some of the player has known this news, but others did not pay attention to this point. There are some basic caveats you'll need to divest your toons of their mail, land, drydocks, guilds, and families first. For instance, You can't move to a fresh start server, or one that's already full or suffering faction imbalances either, and you may not get to keep your name. The large guilds will also get the allowances made by the studio.


2700 credits per character will be costed if you would like to transfers. This means if you play your currencies right, you can technically move for in-game gold.


Trion also let us know that "the most popular mount in the game's history" arrives on North American and European servers today — that'd be the Black Pegasus mount.

As for the detials how to transfer, please see below steps for your easy reference.


Step 1: Prepare for the transfer


Before you jump off to grab a transfer, you'll need to fulfill some requirements. Those requirements are:


Character may not be online at the time of transfer.

Character may not have unclaimed in-game or marketplace mail.

Character may not have any listed items on the auction house.

Character may not own land.

Character may not have any unbuilt fixtures in the world including drydocks.

Character may not be queued for deletion.

Character must be higher than level 10.

Character may not have been transferred within the last 30 days.

Character must not possess any server specific items, such as Siege Scrolls.

Character may not be a member of a guild or family prior to transferring.

Also keep in mind the following important details:


The transfer can take up to several minutes – during this time the character will be unavailable for play.

You cannot transfer more than one character at the same time.

Only the items in a character's inventory and warehouse will be transferred. Items in other storage types will not be transferred.

Characters cannot transfer across regions (such as NA to EU, or vice-versa.)

Characters may not transfer to or from the Fresh Start servers, Rangora and Morpheus.

Characters may only transfer once every 30 days.

If a player already has your character's name on your chosen server, you will be asked to choose a new name.

For the purposes of the transfer restrictions, pirates will count as their home factions, rather than as a pirate.

When you transfer as a hero, your old seat on your old server will be left vacant. Your hero cloak will be removed from your inventory automatically during the transfer. You will longer qualify for a hero reward at the end of the month.


Step 2: Purchase the transfer


Once you're ready to leave, you'll be able to purchase a Character Transfer for 2,700 Credits per character from the Glyph Store starting on February 29th. Yes, that's right, we said Credits! If you are able to purchase some APEX in-game from the Auction House, you'll be able to transfer by using in-game gold instead of real money.


Transfers will be limited by a server's population and faction balance, so there may be times when certain servers aren't available to transfer into or leave. For example, if Kyrios receives too many players from Haranya and not enough from Nuia, character transfers will be temporarily halted for Haranyans until Nuia catches up. These restrictions will be re-evaluated regularly, so try the transfer at a later time if your chosen server isn't open at first. You'll be able to see what servers are available before your purchase your transfer, too, to prevent you from purchasing a transfer when your desired server isn't available.


For those of you in large guilds, these restrictions won't suddenly be brought into place. If a server qualifies for a restriction, we'll announce it on the forums. After that point, all transferring guilds will have 48 hours before the restrictions are put in place. You'll have plenty of warning to get in your transfers and keep your guild together before the restrictions begin!


Step 3: Enjoy your new home!


Once the transfer has processed (it will usually take a few minutes) you'll be able to log back into ArcheAge and enjoy the wonders of your new home! Meet new friends, make new enemies, and get ready to experience a new way to explore Erenor!

I belive most of the players like me would like the above announcement as the change is really convenient for us.

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