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Archeage's Update On April

As Archeage announced before, the time of auction house merges is almost upon us. Also there are other update on april for Archeage.


Tere's some pretty significant changes coming to ArcheAge with the April Update. The re-introduction of our Skill Queue system and the change of 4 major skills to their Korean counterparts means that combat is not only going to run more smoothly for everyone, but it will also perform better for people who have high ping. If your connection was keeping you from the amazing battles ArcheAge has on a daily basis, worry no more. Jump into the fray today! PLUS, we offer up some information on Heart of Ayanad, the Mobilization Call bug is fixed, and we reduced the price on Costume Extraction Alembics from 100 gold to 50 silver!


And Arecheage are going to update the Archery. As stated in the Archery thread, Aecheage have heard back from XLGAMES and are working to paraphrase the information we have received from them on Archery. Archeage announced that the update may be come in next week. For fans of archeage, let us keep an eye on the Archery's update in the Archeage's Support thread in the general discussion area.