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The Most Common Class Combinations in Archeage

Archeage has its own class system, It is not something like there are only tank, dealer, healer, and archer. 3 out 10 classes can be choosen normally, and there will be 120 combinations possibly, but not all of 120 will be good to play generally. The passage is mainly talking about the most common class combinations in Archeage.






When you see this combination and you are an archer, just run away haha. It is one of famous tank combinations. Necromancy+defense+auramancy will be used to attack and interrupt enemies. Also, you will survive for most of time in pvp because you have both defense and auramancy. 

I suggest this to who Archeage is your first time and don't want to be killed easily.






If you have good armors and pvp skills, you will NOT die.Yes, you will be immortal.This combination has all kinds of anti cc skills, so no cc will be effective against to it. It is kinda a tank + a healer. Because it has witchcraft, It is fun to play too. I suggest this to all who believe in love.






If you love supporting, but not a healer, this is the best one for you. Songcraft buffs your entire party, and debuff one or two opponents so badly. Auramancy and defense are for your survivability. They can be used to interrupt enemies also. It is kinda easy to play, but you will fully need to understand pvp if you wanna play good. I suggest this to people like to watch how my parties and enemies fight with some popcorn.


Archer 1 


Archery + shadowplay + auramancy 


It is an archer with high mobility and high anti cc, but has low def. It requires high pvp skill compared to Archer 2 , but it is really fun to play. Archers are essential in pvp at sea. So, if you are going to be a pirate, it is a good combination.One thing you should know about archers is that you need good armors and weapons.Damage of an archer per minute highly depends on your gears. In other means, you become super strong with good gears. I suggest this to who loves fast pvp.


Archer 2 


Archery + shadowplay + defense


Archer with defense is kinda OP, but I wouldn't say it becauseit can be killed by mages easily. It will win 80% against archers, and 50% against warriors with no defense. It is lacking mobility, but it has high defense against melee and archers with high survivability. I suggest this to who plays archer for first time in Archeage.


Mage 1 




This is the most balanced and popular mage. It is good at both of massive pvp and small pvp. Not like warriors, they don't really have surviving skills. So, you got to learn when to attack if you don't want to be killed in 1~2 seconds. I suggest to who wants to play mage. 


Mage 2 


sorcery + songcraft+ shadowplay


It is a mage version of Ninja. Because it requires high int, you will probably have low hp. You can be killed by 1~2 skills, but this combination have incredibility dps. Average hp in Archage will around 10k~12k. It can damage over 20k in a second. I really suggest this to skillful players otherwise you will just get mad badly. 


We hope this guide helps you understand the basic of ArcheAge's class combination a bit better.