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How to Upgrade to Ultimate ArcheAge Gliders

Glider is the most important personal transaction in ArcheAge, which allow you control the character in the air while also taking into account gravity,height,duration of flight, and potential obstacles in your path. In the PvP, you also need high-performance Glider to attack or escape. You can get glider at level 10, until you arrived at level 20 that you can get the Ultimate Glider. Therefore, before you enter into the level 30 map, to prepare ultimate glider would good for you to escape. How to upgrade ArcheAge Glider? It is surprisingly easy in Archreage as long as you have enough Labor Points.


Mirage Isle

First, you should find the Auctionner and teleport to Mirage Isle. To find the Glider Designs location in this map. There are 4 Gliders in this location, you can but it as you want.

Experimental Glider Design (5 Silver)
Improved Glider Design (Min. level 10) (25 Silver)
Enhanced Glider Design (Min. level 15) (50 Silver)
Ultimate Glider Design (Min. level 20) (1 Gold)

After you get the design, to upgrade the gliders you can find Carpentry Workbench. As you can see:


Carpentry Workbench

In the Machining Crafting Choice, you can choose to craft gliders. The only issue for free to play users is each upgrade costs 25 Labor Points, which equals to being logged in for 25 minutes. Upgrading all the way up to the Ultimate Glider will cost only 1 Gold 75 Silver, and a total of 75 Labor Points. You can begin upgrading at level 10. Details on which levels you can upgrade are detailed with the prices below.