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ArcheAge Production Tool Cart Manufacturing Method

In ArcheAge, running business is a lot of players a means of making gold: of course, running business of transport best is bullock carts, so you need an agricultural bullock carts. Can transport more goods at one time allows you to greatly improve the trade efficiency and earn ArcheAge gold as much as possible. Next, let us share the method that how to make an agricultural bullock carts belonging to you with you. Players can find mechanical production in the game production, by pressing the "O" key open). Then you can read about mechanical production agricultural use oxcart on mechanical vehicle in the making required materials: "agriculture oxcart drawings" agricultural bullock carts needed, four solid wheels, a strong drive shaft, and efficient power holder and oxcart bucket five parts!

First you need to buy agricultural use oxcart drawings in Fantasy Island. This requires 50 trading gold, trade currency can be achieved through daily trade mission.

Solid wheels need to contain the source crystal logs, which contains the source crystal island you can log in to buy crystal source tree saplings grow to obtain. Source of crystal trees need the original mineral water on the mainland, the original mineral water will need to buy by players in a fantasy island from the mainland with some ArcheAge gold. High concentrations of ingot need eight iron ingot, copper ingot, 1 pieces of silver, and an opaque abrasives to synthesize together. Opaque abrasives can be made in gold production. Need three stable soft carbon powder 20 azalea and 20 daffodils.

Solid wood of the drive shaft need two lightning struck wood is planting trees in the system have a chance of being hit, early quite precious, belongs to the very expensive items. And then the solar halo ingot is better than high concentration of iron ingot senior layers. Need 10 high strength steel ingots, and 5 yard and a bottle of powder impurities with abrasives. Abrasives with impurities, also is the gold industry. 3 stable salt rock fragments, 30 lotus, and 30 oats, there are 20 stag horn coral grass, these things can buy the seeds NPCS. Harvest them after completion of planting.

The next is difficulty bigger efficient power cylinders. Need 5 fire of logs, fire in the mainland can get log, but I need a heavy price. And then the ten pieces of silver, 10 gold bullion and 1 source ingot. The source of ingot is dig and has a chance to burst.

Finally is oxcart special bucket, this is the agricultural use cart to get the most easy and simple to make props. It needs 2 copper ingots, and two piece of leather.

After collected all the parts of our agriculture made of cows can also be done. Open your inventory right-click your cart and start the first time summon.