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ArcheAge Gold Guide: An Introduction To Trade Runs

If you've played ArcheAge before, then you should know by now that doing Trade Runs is the best way to earn ArcheAge gold fast in the game. If you don't, then be sure to read on.

In ArcheAge, each region of the 2 main continents have Specialty Workbenches that players can use to craft trade packs. These packs generally require a Quality Certificate (can be purchased for 50 silver at general or wandering merchants) and a set number of two types of materials. Once crafted, the trade pack can be taken to Gold Traders in other regions. Once you submit it to them, you receive a notice that payment will be made in 22 hours with a 5% interest.

Things you need to know about trade packs:

·You need 60 labor points to craft a pack, and 60 labor points to submit it to traders.
·There is no limit to how many runs you can do, as long as your labor points last.
·You can be attacked in conflict regions and have your trade  pack stolen.
·If you trade pack is stolen or if you decide to have someone else submit it, you receive 20% of the total payout.
·Trade packs can be taken to the other continent and traded for Gilda Stars or crafting materials.
·The further you take the pack, the more gold/materials you'll receive. It is good to note that this is evaluated through the walking distance required, and that having the convenience of an airship reducing the distance does not affect the payout.


Trade Runs 1

Trade Runs Introduction Quests (East)

Upon reaching level 10, you receive profession quests that teach you about the different features of the game. Starting from how to water plants and how to plant potatoes, you will soon receive a quest requiring you to do a trade run. In total, there will be four of these, with rewards convenient to trade runs being awarded after completing the 2nd and fourth ones.

First Trade Run - Arcum Iris to Falcorth

This quest will require you to craft Arcum Iris Lavaspice at the Arcum Iris Workbench, and deliver it to Falcorth.

To craft this pack, you will need 60 turmerics (obtained by planting 20-25 turmeric seeds and harvesting the crop) and 50 dried flowers (obtained by planting 13-18 Azalea seeds, gathering the flowers and processing them into dried flowers with Blue Salt Knives).

Keep in mind that you should not process the turmerics into spices, as you need the turmerics themselves for the quest.

Once you have your pack, simply travel to the gold trader in Falcorth, being sure to get on the carriage to reduce the travel time.

Once in Falcorth, you have two options:

·Sell the pack to the trader for 2 gold and get on your way to receive the quest rewards.
·Take the airship to Villanelle and sell the pack to the gold trader there for nearly 6 gold 50 silver.


Trade Runs 2

Second Trade Run - Falcorth to Arcum Iris

This time you will need to craft Falcorth Snowlion Yarn using 50 medicinal powder and 30 goose down. This time, the items will be slightly more complicated to obtain. 

For the medicinal powder, you simply need to plant 13-18 mushroom spores. Once they are ready, harvest them and process them into medicinal powder with Blue Salt Knives.

For the goose down however, you will need to follow these steps:

·Buy 5 goslings from the Livestock Merchant and "plant" them in a public farm (go for 10 if you have your own farm plot)
·Buy 10 barley seeds from the Seed Merchant and plant them.
·Harvest the barley and turn them into ground grains using Blue Salt Knives.
·Once your geese are fully grown, feed them the ground grains, and pluck them for their down (take care not to misclick and butcher them).

Once you get the trade pack, simply take it to Arcum Iris and deliver it there. You will still have the option of delivering it somewhere else for more gold, but this time you won't have the convenience of an airship.

Once you submit the quest completion to the Blue Salt NPC, you will not only get the monetary and Exp reward, but will also be awarded a foal that you will have to raise like a regular mount. The advantage of this donkey mount however is that it will be faster than your other mounts when you are carrying a trade pack, making your future trade runs fastermuch easier.


Trade Runs 3

Third Trade Run - Tigerspine to Solis Headlands

After two trade runs, you should know the drill now.

This trade run will require Tigerspine Grape Jam that can be crafted using 30 grapes (harvested from grape trees) and chopped produce (obtained by processing vegetables like potatoes).

This trade should be a little easier with the donkey, and should go rather fast if you catch the carriages.

Once you complete it, you will be ready for your last and most important trade run quest.

Fourth Trade Run - Mahadevi to Solzreed Peninsula

If you have the small 8x8 farm, this trade run should be rather easily as well. The Mahadevi Elephant Cookies trade pack can be crafted with 50 chopped produce (potatoes again) and 10 bananas (3-4 banana trees should be enough).

Where this quest differs is in the fact that you will need to cross the ocean and deliver it to the continent of the opposing faction. Whether you do it on your lonesome in a rowboat, or with friends in a clipper, danger will be everywhere.

If the Seabugs don't kill you, pirates from your own continent, as well as players from opposing factions will surely do it if they come across. Thankfully, you simply need to get into the range of the quest area to complete it. So don't be surprised if this quest takes you more than one try.

Once that is done, simply go back to the NPC to receive your large 16x16 farm.

This large farm will make gathering the materials for trade packs much easier, allowing you to do several trade runs in a day. Try out different trade routes, weighing the risks against the rewards, and find one that you like.

Whether you use the carriages, your own boat, the airship or a farm cart, and whether you run trades in safe or dangerous regions is all up to you.


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