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12 Tips to Improve Your ArcheAge Experience

ArcheAge is a huge game and with it's release there is a lot to learn. There are 12 quick pro tips to improve your experience.

1. Combat doesn't remove food effect.

2. Abilities have a hold to continue casting function.

3. Squeeze as much experience from quests as possible.

4. Hidden quests exist to be found.

5. You can kill/be killed by same faction with bloodlust mode.

6. Fall damage isn't lethal.

7. Keep your god damn mount summoned.

8. The UI can be modified slightly.

9. Do not let your labor cap out.

10. Salvage everything, evenstones are your friend.

11. Ignore gold spammers and faction chat pricks.

12. Have fun.

The following video shows the detailed introductions: