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ArcheAge - How to Craft a Clipper

Crafting a boat (Clipper) on ArcheAge isn't the easiest thing to do. This guide will make it much easier for everyone else.

1. The first thing you need to do before even attempting to create a Clipper is to get 50 Gilda stars Gilda stars. This is how much it costs for the Clipper (With Harpoon). Getting 50 Gilda stars usually takes up to level 23-25 as long as you've followed the main quest line. I would also like to comment that before carrying on with this guide make sure you already have the following:

1x Lumber Pack
1x Iron Pack
1x Fabric Pack
10 Gold
10 iron + 10 Lumber

2. Once you've decided your going to build your ship you need to head to mirage island. Teleporters for mirage island are next to Auctioneers in most big villages and major city's. Once you've arrived in Mirage Island you will need to go to the boat blueprint area which is here:



3. Now you get to take your pick on which boat you would like but since the clipper is the cheapest of the fast boats this tutorial will focus on that.


Mirage 2

4. Now your going to make your purchase. Give them your Gilda stars and you will recieve a blueprint. Now you need to find a suitable location, in the sea or any other waters. Most people like to build near a housing province so you don't have to walk far with the trade packs.


Mirage 3

5. Once you've found a place to put your boat (You may find an area is not deep enough) make sure you have your 10 x Iron and 10 x wood and 10g and pop it down.


AA Boat 1


AA Boat 2

6. Your dock area should now be placed and you can start creating. You need to do each trade-pack in a certain order starting with wood. Clicking "F" on your dock will show the order.


AA Boat 3

7. Grab your Lumber-pack and build your docks using "G" repeat the process for an Iron-pack and then again for an Fabric-pack now all your materials are on the docks its now time to build.


AA Boat 4

8. Now you have to build your boat using labor points so make sure you have a few hundred to do everything, building your boat takes 3 steps, your boat will change each step.


AA Boat 5

9. You have completed Harpoon Clipper you should find the scroll in your inventory.


AA Boat 6


10. Here is completed clipper.


AA Boat 7


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