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ArcheAge Farm Cart Buliding Guide

Building a farm cart is pretty simple if you have the ArcheAge gold/resources.

First thing you need to do is head to the nearest General Merchant and buy yourself a Farm Cart Design, It costs 50G but you wont be able to make one without it.


aa design

Here's a picture showing the 4 pieces you need in order to build your farm cart, We will start with building four wheels.


aa cart 1

To build each wheel costs 10x Lumber and 10x iron Ingots, In total you will need 40x lumber and 40x iron ingots.


aa cart wheel

Up next is the Cart engine. this consists of 1x Archeum Ingot, 10x Silver Ingot and 2x Fine Lumber, in order to make fine lumber you need 10x Lumber and 1x Small Seed Oil.


aa cart engine

The next piece needed for your farm cart and probably the hardest to get is the Cart Shaft this consists of 1x Strudy Ingot and 1x Thunderstruck Log. thunderstruck logs are pretty hard to come by since farmers have a very small chance to get one of their trees struck causing them to get a Thunderstruck Tree you can chop one of these down into 4 logs. If you have the gold you can also buy one from the Auction house.


aa cart shaft

Once you have all of those pieces you can then go to a carpentry work bench create all parts and then construct your very own Farm Cart.