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Tricks for Fast Leveling in ArcheAge to Recognize Different Quest Icons

Quest Icons

This guide will tell you the most important information about quest system in ArcheAge. Questing is a very important part of gameplay and leveling. Quests help you to level faster and reward you with ArcheAge gold and valuable items. To maximize your experience with quests, it will be important to learn to recognize the different icons assigned to them.

Quest Icons

Quest Icons 1This gold exclamation mark (you will surely recognize it) will be the one you come across the most. These will be basic quests that you receive from various NPCs as you travel through ArcheAge. This icon will appear when you meet the minimum level requirement (which is generally pretty low) and will comprise the standard quests you receive in other MMOs (kill monsters, deliver items, talk to a quest NPC, etc). 

Once you accept the quest, it will be added to your quest journal, with the first 9 quests also appearing in the quest tracker, showing you the location you have to travel to. The quest tracker will also let you know if you can Comp. Early (complete early) or Overachieve the quest. Comp. Early should be used if you feel like the quest is taking too much of your time, while in contrast, Overachieve should optimally be used if the quest isn't too time consuming. It is however all up to you to decide when you want to choose either.

This quest icon will also appear after you reach level 30 on NPCs giving you daily quests. These daily quests not only offer a good amount of Exp but also reward you with Gilda Stars.

NOTE: If the level of location is much higher than yours you may not be able to take some quests. Try to come back later when your level is higher.

Quest Icons 2Another quest icon you will recognize, this gold question mark signifies that you completed the quest and can submit it to the NPC to receive your rewards, and often another quest. Note however that the icon will be different depending on whether you Comp. Early or Overachieve.

Quest Icons 3This darker question mark appears above the head of the NPC if the quest is not entirely complete yet, but can be submitted. This means that you reached half of the quest requirements, but that you have yet to complete the quest. As mentioned above, this should only be used if the quest is too time consuming as you will only get half of the Exp and monetary rewards.

Quest Icons 4This brighter question mark will appear above the head of an NPC if you have exceeded the quest requirements. For example, if the quest requires you to kill 12 monsters and you kill 17 instead, it means that you overachieved the quest, gaining more experience and money. But as you can guess, this will take more time to complete, and shouldn't be used if you are having trouble killing the monsters.

Quest Icons 5The green exclamation mark will often be similar to the basic quests (talk to a quest NPC, kill a mob, find an item). Where it differs however is that the quests are related to your race's storyline quests. They will not only give you Gilda Stars, essential in owning houses, vehicles and ships, but will also teach you more about the history of your race. It is also good to know that this chain of quest has no level requirement, and you can simply jump from one to another to gather Gilda Stars. They will however often involve fighting strong bosses, and you may need to consider getting some help if you are underleveled.

Quest Icons 6The blue exclamation mark is not always related to quests, but shows you the different objects you can interact with (such as lamps, crafting tables, crops and livestock, etc). At a quest location however, it will show you where you need to go to pick up an item, destroy an object, open a chest, and so on.

Quest Icons 7Not to be mistaken with a quest completion icon, the blue question mark will appear over the head of NPCs when you need to talk to them as a requirement to complete a quest. Certain quests will even have you talk to various NPCs before completion.


Quest Icons 8This quest icon will appear above NPCs that are there to teach you about the different professions of the game, such as commerce, husbandry, metalwork, and carpentry to cite a few. If you are planning to take part in the trade runs and farming aspect of the game, it will be essential to complete the quests giving you scarecrows and a donkey. 

Quest Icons 9This quest icon will appear over statues and offer mini quests requiring you to kill a number of monsters. You receive the rewards automatically after meeting the requirements. The rewards are however trivial, and these quests should only be taken if they have requirements similar to that of your other quests.

There are hidden quests in ArcheAge. They can't be taken from NPC; you get such quests automatically after visiting certain territories. The task is to kill mobs on this territory. Such tasks can be ignored if you don't need extra experience.