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ArcheAge Items Guide - Regrading, Tempering Burnish and Lunagems

To improve your items in ArcheAge would be the most important thing when enter into the game late. Now, we are glad to share the expert experience with ArcheAge items.

Regrading is the process of increasing the grade of items. Increasing the grade grants a further bonus of all properties. Weapons, armor and accessories that can be Regraded will show "Regrade Available" in orange text at the top of the item information. Let's begin with an example:


aa regrade color quality

As you can see from this picture, the item in ArcheAge has standard color quality system. And the Regrading system aim to allow you to have a chance to upgrade items' current rarity to higher tier of rarity.


archeage bag shortcuts

While, the Regrading wouldn't guarantee succeed. The possible outcomes of ArcheAge Regrading as follow:

Success – Item's grade increased by 1.
Great Success – Item's grade increased by 2.
Degrade – Item's grade reduced by 1.
Failure – Item's grade have not changed.
Destruction – The item got destroyed during the process.

According to my personal subjective experience, there is a list below of what can occur at what rarities, and my perceived percentage.

Grand > Rare - Success 30%, Failure 70%
Rare > Arcane - Success 30%, Failure 70%
Arcane > Heroic - Success 25%, Failure 75%
Heroic > Unique - Success 20%, Failure 30%, Major Failure 50%
Unique > Celestial - Success 10%, Failure 10%, Major Failure (1 grade) 20%, Major Failure (2 grades) 60%
Celestial > Divine - Success 5%, Failure 5%, Major Failure 5%, Catastrophic Failure 85%

Once you have the piece of gear, Regrade Scroll and a Regrade Charm if you choose, you can Regrade your gear.

Green Regrade Charm - Increases chance by +75% - only for arcane gear
Blue Regrade Charm - Increases chance by +75% - only for heroic gear
Red Regrade Charm - Increases chance by +75% - only for gear graded unique or below
Superior Red Regrade Charm - Increases chance by +100 % - for all grade of gear


archeage regrade item

The circle icon means there is a possibility of that chance occurring. If there is an X, then there is no possibility of that occurring. If you see arrows, then there is an increased chance of this occurring. Up until a certain rarity, there is no chance of Degrading or Destruction; however, if attempting to Regrade a higher rarity item, there is a chance of your item to lower in rarity or be completely destroyed.

Tempering is the way to reroll item's basic stats by the Tempering Burnish up to a 109% increase. The weapon attributes affected are physical attack, magic attack and healing power. The armor attributes affected are physical and magic defense. As you can see from this picture


aa tempering burnish

You can purchase the Tempering Burnish in the Marketplace. Any ArcheAge items which can be tempered will show “Tempering Available” at the top of the items information. While, if you don't like the stats you tempered, you need to use Tempering Flux to reset the modified basic stats to allow the items can be tempered again.


archeage tempering flux

You may notice there are some socket lunagem in different ArcheAge items, which depends on the grade and piece of items. Such as, the chests have more than pants, which have more than hands, which have more than waist. Meanwhile, we can increase items grade through regrading to increase the number of sockets.


archeage items socket lunagem

Lunagems are socketed gems that can be applied to a piece of gear. The first time you socket a lunagem which has a 100% to successfully socket, while, if you try to socket additional lunagems you have an increasing chance to destroy not only the gem you're trying to socket, but all of the other lunagems in that piece of gear.

Actually, there are lots of lungem won' work on most of items. For new player at level 50, you will only be able to use the really cheap and weak lunagems and lunastones, which can provide that little bonus.The majority of expensive and high level lunagems require that archage gear they are being applied to is level 50. The weapons and armor you got from the initial level 50 questing do not any level associated to them.