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ArcheAge Guide - Overcome the Ghost Ship at Sea

ArcheAge Ghost Ship is a new naval combat added in Patch 1.7. As you voyage, you see a mottled, translucent ship with spikes, which is a Ghost Ship. The ship's bow looks like a ghost with sharp teeth, lots of souls floating around it. Please you must note and prepare for fighting. A thrilling naval battle will begin. Overcome the Ghost Ship at sea and gain the lost rich treasure.


ArcheAge Ghost Ship

Detailedly Analyze Ghost Ship Skills

There are two types of ghost ships, the common ghost ship and the senior ghost ship. Both of them are very smart. Ghost Ships use different tactics and Multi- orientation attacks (front, side, rear, bottom and close) with different combat skills. Ghost Ship is capable of shooting tracked torpedoes to attack players in its back or beneath; it imposes gunfire in the other directions. What's more, the senior ghost ship has three unique skills:

Summon the ghost crew
Summon shadow fleet
Summon sea banshee

Especially, the third skill, Summon sea banshee, can repair the ghost ship.

Overcome the Ghost Ship

In the course of fighting against Ghost Ships, the key to overcome Ghost Ship is that you select an appropriate direction to attack. Meanwhile, you pay attention to defense. To challenge the common ghost ship, a small boat can destroy it. To encounter the senior ghost ship, it is hard for you to overcome it. Besides, you can use ships to siege ghost ship. Before torpedoes aim at your ship, you can use long-range target and destroy them. Good cooperation, you will win the war.

Mine detonated in front of your ship, long-range targeting mines and destroy them. With the right time, the appropriate direction and a good cooperation, you will win combat.

Ghost Ships are refreshed at different times:

The common ghost ship: 15 vessels refreshed in the map every two hours. 
The ghost ship: 3 vessels refreshed in the map every 24 hours.

Players want to voyage for trade run, you need be careful to avoid those ghost ship, to reduce loss.

Challenge ghost ship and gain rich rewards

As you overcome a ghost ship, you can gain different rewards based on different ghost ships. The highest award you can get is about 3000 archeage gold as well as rare equipment and items.