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Top 5 Builds/Classes in ArcheAge

This is personal opinion and some people might have some slightly differnt opinion, but thee are all very solid classes and there are gonna be very good for their roles, that is why I choose them. You should believe that I do have a pretty good knowledge of all kinds of classes.


BuildsClasses in ArcheAge

1. Dagger Spell
Dagger Spell is my favorite mage class in AA. Dagger Spell is an incredibly bursty mage, utilizes witchcraft to have amazing amount of ceasing. The class revolve around your target and ceasing them. You can do anything while you stopping. Some class can stop you enemy 4 or 5 second, but ceasing can cover that plus a lot more. So if you want play as a mage, Dagger Spell is definitely a good choose for you, even there some little variations.

2. Primeval
Primeval is a archer type class which excels in 1V1 and 1 V many in PVP. This class has so many dashes and moves in blinks. This class has so great mobility that can helps you just keeps away from your opponent, and just keeps damage form long rage which archers can do. Promeval is a really strong class that can handle a lot of different situation, because his attack range is so huge. the shortcoming is premival prove many AOE damage beacause there are few AOE skills can be chosen, but this is not a big problem for PVP player.

3. Darkrunner
Darkrunner can ceasing the target and doing a huge mana burst at some time. Along with the ridicules mobility which comes from Battlerage, Shadowplay and Auramancy, this class can burst thier target and get out as well. So, it is good for PVP, it can be powerful and squishy. It definitely have a place in PVP and really excels in 1 on 1. You can get to your target instantly. it is a little bit difficult for Darkrunner to fight with tanks than some other classes. But if you want to play a softy DPS, Darkrunner is a great choice for you.

4. Templar
Templar is a kind of healing class in AA. Templar can gives a huge heal for the team, which cause him usually main focus on healing. But Templar has a lot of ponits in his defense tree, so it can be really tanky. Templar has invicibility skill to grants immunity to all damage for 12 seconds. That is an amazing point for a huge class, because when you start healing your group, your enemy will get you down first,then you can just pop skill and take any types of damage for 12 seconds, which is a huge amount of time. To enjoy more fun as a healer, you can level as a DPS first than switch to a healer after level 50, then level another tree. Healers are always high demand, so you will find group easily.

5. Skullknight
Last but not least, we introduce you Skullknight. Skullknight is my favorite tank in AA, you just can not imaging how tank this class is. It's great 1v1 and probably the best tank for large scale group pvp. The Skullknight excels in many aspects of the game, has a large aoe stun and can run and gun with mana stars aswell as many displacement ability's.