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Making ArcheAge Gold From Land Flipping Becoming A Realtor

One of the best parts about ArcheAge's ability to create buildings and own land is that you are able to trade that to other players. This creates a separate economy all on its own, mimicking the real estate market we're used to from the real world. Whether you're looking to play the market or simply place some property down, understanding how things work is important.

A Free Economy

The economy within the game is entirely run by players. Prices of things are all determined by supply and demand, which creates a similar system to what we deal with normally. For example, land that is in a prime location (like oceanfront property) is going to be worth significantly more than land that is in the middle of a desolate area. The result of this system is that as time goes on and more money is pushed out into the economy, the values of land should rise; at least theoretically.

Holding Land

The trick to flipping property is to own it first (after all, how do you sell it otherwise?). This is also where the biggest issue lies. Not only do you have to snag empty plots or purchase them from other players, but once you have them you have to deal with taxes. And these taxes can get expensive.

Taxes are paid every week on each piece of property you own, and are done through Tax Certificates. These can be purchased through the Marketplace for around 9 Credits each, through the scarecrows at a rate of 50 Labor each, through the Loyalty shop for around 0.9 Loyalty Tokens each, or through other players on the auction house. Essentially, it's more than possible to obtain some of these; but since each piece of property takes taxes and the cost grows more with each additional property, it can get extremely expensive. As a result, it's important to be careful as to how many pieces of property are in your ownership at any given time; you want to always ensure you can cover the taxes so you don't lose them.

Finding Buyers

Finding buyers for property can be done pretty easily through the chat system. Payment methods could include (depending on what you are wanting):

ArcheAge Gold
•Items (like crafted gear and materials)
•Other property
•Gilda Stars (through proxy purchases)
•Cash shop items
•Ship rides

All of these can be accepted, since it's up to you who you give property to and what the stipulations are. This opens the doors for extreme haggling, benefiting both parties by giving them exactly what they want and need.

Finding Sellers

While finding sellers can be done through the chat system as well, there is another trick: on each piece of property you find, you can see who owns it. Simply toss a PM to people with property you're interested in and see if they are willing to sell it to you (or trade for whatever it is you are offering). If they aren't online, you can even send in-game mail to them.

It's important to understand that when contacting people and doing cold-calling in this manner, you will run across a lot of players that simply aren't interested in selling. Some have land they are happy with and don't have any desire to move elsewhere. Others may be with their friends or guild members and don't want to split up. With that said, in most cases everyone has their price. So make sure the offer you're making (if you start out with one) is good enough that you aren't offending the other party; otherwise negotiations may be off the table.

Inflationary Currency

As time goes on, more and more gold is undoubtedly going to be spread among the game's population. This means that the overall gold each person has will continue to increase, bringing in inflation. What this means for the land market is that the land will be going up in value relative to gold. If there is twice as much gold on the market today as there was yesterday, people have twice as much to spend. Therefore, it can be expected that land will cost twice as much as well. What makes this aspect important to understand is that land, unlike gold, will not increase in abundance on a daily basis. In other words, it is assumed that the land should be worth more over time, rather than less.


The open market within ArcheAge has opened the doors for a lot of things; one of which is flipping land for profit. With the game's tax system, however, it is not as easy as just snagging as much land as possible and holding on to it. The more you are holding on to, the more it's going to cost. So being able to keep property revolving is important for ensuring you aren't just bleeding money out. With proper research and paying attention to your server's wants, however, you can do very well in the real estate market, slowly building up towards having that manor (or more than one)!


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