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Players Have to Do ArcheAge Essential Quests

While all the quests in ArcheAge are optional, there are a few that you have to do to obtain certain items in the game.

Racial and Daily quests. These quests will be the easiest way to get Gilda Stars, making it possible to obtain over 100 of them within a week. Something to consider if you want one of the larger boats like Merchant Ship early on.

Mount quest. Available around level 6-8 depending on your progression in the game, you will have access to a quest that will ask you to choose and raise a mount specific to your race. Note that this is only optional and that you still have the option of buying the mount later on.

Glider quest. Available around level 10-13, you will receive a quest offering you a glider as a reward. Note that you may also buy one from the Marketplace, or purchase a glider design with Gilda Stars.

Rowboat quest. Around level 15-18, you will get a quest offering you a rowboat as a reward. This will be an important asset to your early intercontinental activities (trade runs, buying the other faction's pets and mounts, PvP).

Tips: When members of your group have the same quest you can complete the quest much faster. If a member of your group picks up quest item you receive this item too. If a member of your group kills a monster required for quest you also benefit from it. Try to play in a group when you can.