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How to Get and Harvest Archeum Trees in ArcheAge

A rare tree which can only be bought on Mirage Island. The tree only grows when it has been given a batch of Auroria Mineral Water. For every other batch of Auroria Mineral water given it will grow it's fruit, which is Archeum shards/crystals. When cut down it drops Archeum Logs. There are steps to show you how to get Archeum Trees. For players, you can plant the trees.


AA Map

Plant Archeum Trees

Step1 Go to the Mirage Island where every player can buy special items or Gilda Stars. And you can buy Archeum tree seedlings. You spend about three Glida on a Archeum tree.
Step2 Go to buy water tickets. A ticket cost one Glida.
Step3 Go to different harbors of all continents and exchange water tickets with water. Then you need take the water to your home in ArcheAge by your agricultural vehicle.
Step4 Plant Archeum tree seedling and pour water (one). Generally, you have to water the three every three hours. Based on experience of some players, it is better to plant Archeum on the north continents than on southern continents. There are multiple BS spots 10 meters away from a mineral water vein on the north continent.

Note: You need one water to plant Arheum and one more water during it.

Harvest Archeum Trees

After ten hours, you can harvest Archeum Trees, which needs more water. You can get Dust, crystal or Shards from Archeum trees. If you first plant the three, you can harvest 1 to 3 Moonlight Dust every 8 hours.
If you plant 20 Archeum trees, you will gain: 20 trees ×2 average dust ×2 harvests per day= 80 dust per day
Additionally, if you just want to get wood, you chop it down, which only needs 1 water.


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