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ArcheAge Arcanist PVP Build Guide

Arcanist (Sorcery + Witchcraft + Auramancy) class is a king in ArcheAge PVP. High control ability of Witchcraft skill, main output ability of Sorcery skill and the teleport ability of Auramancy skill.


ArcheAge Arcanist PVP Build

Main output skills

Meteror Strike, has a good Magic damage to all enemies, and with the trips and burning effect. Using the Bubble Trap under the burning effect, to slow lifts enemy into the air. Enemy will reduce a half of health at least after dropped, and with the stun effect. Then you can use Arc Lightning and Chain Lightning to attack enemies again, this is a very effective combo output skills in PVP, although Arc Lighting with Chain Lighting has a combo effect with a terrible damage, but you can do the best to cast this skill under the enemy without any skills to move. Very good for occupy points and attack the enemy.

Focal Concussion, this is a control skill to strike first to gain the initiative, and remove all other status effects. Of course, you also use this skill in return in PVP or Arena.
Enervate with the Focal Concussion skill can burn others mana, decreases the received healing and increases duration of stun and trip.
Earthen Grip is a combo skill with Enervate, deals a great damage, returns it as health to caster, and CD is short.
Banshee Wail is a great skill, not only fear nearby targets and stun them, take damage after the effects end.

Cast the Freezing Arrow and Lassitude at the same time to slow targets and make them mettle for a long time. At this time, you can cast the main output skill Meteror Strike to devastate them last. Note, here is a tip you need know, cast the Magic Circle to increase Magic damage before the directivity skills to hit the target if you have a fast hand speed. 

Of course you can cast the Frigid Tracks to slow targets if you feel Magic Circle skill weak, and stun them when you close them, generally speaking, this skill is good for the melee fight, Archer or civil war of Arcanist.

Protection Skills

Courageous Action, immunity to Sleep and Fear. Purge, remove negative effect and increase Magic Defense, and remove enemies 1 buff at the same time. Insulating Lens, increase your +700 Physical Defense and absorbing 561 damage, according to the relevant of your equipment to immunized damage. And increases stealth detection +200%, must point to play stealth class. Teleportation, teleports caster 15 meters ahead, is good for fighting the Archer class, you will win the battle as long as you teleports within 8 meters.

Passive Skills

As the Arcanist with slow speed to run, you can point the Magic Range Boost skill to increase the output distance, then Mana Flurry to decreases cast time for all skills, Magic Precision increase Magic Critical Rate 10%, Aranzeb's Infusion increase sorcery skill damage 15%. Ok, if you do not want to be sec-kill, Mitigation must point to decrease all damage 30%, Augment Witchcraft, make your Earthen Grip instant cast and increase the duration of Banshee Wail, Earthen Grip, Bubble Trap, Insidious Whisper and Lassitude. Enshroud, decreases Witchcraft skill CD 20%.