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How to Gain Mounts in ArcheAge

ArcheAge Mounts

ArcheAge Mounts are a kind of easy and convenient mean of transportation on land. There are a variety of mounts for different races in the game. The mounts in ArcheAge include horses, donkeys, snow lions, elks and so on.

Horses. At lvl 15
Snow Lion. At lvl 5
Elk. At lvl 20
Sled Cow. -Roar of the Earth
Roar of the Thunder

The Yatta is purchasable multipurpose mount. It can be obtained from any Stable Master NPC and used by all races.

How to Gain Mounts

Completing Quests
For players, you can have one or more mounts all over the game world. You can gain the first mount by completing the early quests.
Horse: The Nuian Race can obtain them by the default quest.
Snow Lion: The Firrans can gain by the default quest and other races can purchased them.
Elk: The Elf race is obtainable by the default quest mount.
Leomorph: The Harani race can gain them by The quest obtained.

Purchasable Mounts
In general, if you want to more, you have to get a mount babies. Then you need breed them until they grow up, which is quite important part.
Donkey: It is one of the fastest pack animals in game.
Sled Cow: You can purchase the fairly novel mount on Mirage Island..
Tiger: It costs honor points.

Mounts as Rewards
Of course, some mounts can be available as rare rewards. Take Roar of the Earth for example. The mounts are obtainable by killing raid boss.

And you should know "How to Level Up Mount in ArcheAge Online". Have fun.