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How to Custom Logo in ArcheAge Online

In ArcheAge, you must be very interested in how to custom logo for your cloaks, sails, housing and so on. Your logo will make your special and unique. Now, let me tell you how to custom logo in ArcheAge online game.

First, prepare a picture you like, be sure to do the following and pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.

IMG Size: 256*256px
IMG Name: ucc.png (if it was a logo you would want it transparent)
Save Path: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ArcheAge\UCC

Second, press "N" and open the Marketplace to buy a Crest Brainstorm with 300 Credits, or talk with beside of the Portal, cost your 5-9 ArcheAge Gold in Auction House now, maybe the price of crest brainstorm will be more high. Crest Brainstorm are required at Crest Crafting Tables to create Crest Ink, a permanent item that can be used to apply a customized crest to cloaks, sails, picture frame etc.


AA Auction House

Third, you also need to buy a potion Memory Ink AA Talisman from general merchant.

Fourth, next you will go to Dye machine and use it in large cities. You will first make a master dye using this potion and whatever image you selected, you will be able to see this on the machine. Background is optional, it is up to you using which color.


AA Crafting Table

Last, after Done it, you will get a master dye template AA master in your bag. Right-click on master dye and it will use memory ink to turn like this AA Dye. Congratulation! Next you can Unlimited use it for your sails, cloak, boat or whatever item you want to affix your picture to. Of course, using this way to crafting many pictures you like if have enough ArcheAge Gold. Below is the picture of Cloak. Do you like it?


AA Logo