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How Crafting Your First Fishing Rod Sharing

We have made a brief introduction about the fishing before. Today, how crafting your first fishing rod sharing.

You can start your adventures in fishing by picking up a quest from Fisherman Santiago in Ezna harbor at Two Crowns or from Fisherman Riko at Lutesong Harbor Villanelle. This quest will guide you through the process of crafting your first fishing rod.

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The first fishing rod is made from bamboo and has a duration of 3 days once unwrapped. If you leave the crafted fishing rod unwrapped in your bags then it will last indefinitely.

To craft a fishing rod you will require a handicraft workbench which can be found in most cities. Below I have broken down the materials needed so that you can easily gather them.

Bamboo Fishing Pole FrameBamboo Fishing Pole Frame
For this item you need: 10x Bamboo Stalk Bamboo Stalk and 2x Fabric Fabric. All items can be purchased from the auction house. To get bamboo you need to visit a Sapling Merchant which are found in all housing areas. Purchase a couple of Bamboo Saplings and plant them on your farm. Next, you should visit a Seed Merchant and purchase a few of Cotton Cotton Seeds and place these on your farm as well, you require some Cotton Cotton later on so it is good to make some extra to save time later. Once both are matured, you can harvest them for the materials. Visit a carpentry workbench and under the 'Carpentry Supplies' category you can craft the Bamboo Fishing Pole Frame.

Sharp Fishing HookSharp Fishing Hook
This is an easy craft. You only need 1x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot which you obtain from smelting 3x Iron Ore at a smelter. Once you have the required Iron, you can craft the Sharp Fishing Hook Sharp Fishing Hook at a handicraft workbench.

Basic Fishing LineBasic Fishing Line
To craft Basic Fishing Line you need 3x Wool Wool and 3x Cotton Cotton. The only way to get Wool Wool, apart from purchasing it from the auction house, is to shear Sheep. Sheep can be purchased from a Livestock Merchant and require Combined Feed Combined Feed in order to be sheared. One Sheep should provide enough wool wool. If you followed my previous advice you should have some cotton already, if so then you can craft Basic Fishing Line Basic Fishing Line at a Weaving Loom. If not then you can just plant down a couple of Cotton Cotton Seeds on your farm.

Wooden ReelWooden Reel
The final part is the Wooden Reel Wooden Reel. Once again the materials are easy, you just need 2x Lumber Lumber which can be obtained by chopping down trees. This is where you have a choice. You can either plant trees down on your farm and chop them down yourself when they are matured or you can go exploring the world in attempt to find trees that are already fully grown in the wild. This may be difficult to do as a lot of other players may have the same idea though. The Wooden Reel Wooden Reel can be crafted at a carpentry workbench.

Congratulations on your first fishing rod! There are other types of fishing rods and the one you use is dependent on your skill level. The higher skill you have in fishing, the better the fishing rod you can use. Below I have listed each fishing rod and the required skill level to use them. The better quality fishing rods do require more materials but they last longer and make sports fishing a lot easier, more on this later. To view the required materials for these fishing rods, press O, go to Handicraft and select Fishing Rods.

Bamboo Fishing Rod – No Skill Requirements. Lasts 3 days once unwrapped.
Steel Fishing Rod – 10,000 Skill. Lasts 7 days once unwrapped.
Springy Steel Fishing Rod – 20,000 Skill. Lasts 15 days once unwrapped.
Gilt Fishing Rod – 30,000 Skill. Lasts 21 days once unwrapped.
Archeum Fishing Rod – 50,000 Skill. Lasts 30 days once unwrapped.