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A List of Top Tips of ArcheAge House

After you finish building you house in ArcheAge, you have lots of things to do for it, such as furnish, pay tax for it, and protect it from thief and so on. There is a list of top tips of your own house you must know.

1. Finishing your house, you can spend gold in furnishing your house.

2. There is a circle of influence around the house, where you can place things to protect from theft. The circle of your house is not overlap with others.

3. You can ask other players to help you build if you want create a big house.

4. A house can be used as decoration, crafting station, relaxing place, safe spot and so on.

5. You need to pay tax for your house. The larger your house is, the more tax you pay.

Southern Continent: There is a standard tax rate on the main continents set buy thedevelopers. The bigger the house, the higher the taxes. It didn't work out a percentage, but it seemed reasonable...ish. For lower level players the amount is chunp change. Keep in mind that this is for the smallest house, so if you really want a big house expect it to cost you.

Northern continent: On the so called PvP Continent the taxes are determined by who owns the territory.

Taxes are paid through the mail system and you will be notified a week in advance of when they are due. Payment is either for 1 week or 2 weeks, don't recall.

6. If you don't pay tax, you will loose your house in Southern Continent.

7. In Northern Continent, When the enemy takes over a territory, they can demolish all houses built within a 100m radius from the center of the territory.

8. When a player loses his house, it will be sent to him via mail, so it's possible to rebuild it again as it was before, so technically he just lost the housing spot earlier and have to look for a new one.


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