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What's your post-release plan for ArcheAge?

ArcheAge is described as a "sandpark" MMORPG, which the developers say is a hybrid of the open content style of a "sandbox" game, and the more structured play experience of a "themepark" game. Recently, ArcheAge is coming soon, possibly as soon as next month.

Whenever XLGAMES' long-gestating sandpark arrives, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy throughout its vast fantasy world. For example: Trade Routes, Farming, Crafting, Traditional PvE, Open PvP and so on. ArcheAge has you covered. With that in mind, what do you see as your primary in-game activity post-release?

A player made a great view on this:



This video should be enough to make anyone play this game. The dancing parties have ROCKED!

What's your post-release plan for ArcheAge?