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An Introduction of ArcheAge Justice System on Escaping from Prison

Players accumulate Crime Points for performing distasteful acts such as murdering players of the same faction and harvesting crops planted by others. If a player has 50 or more Crime Points. You would accept a short prison sentence about over 13 hours of in-game jail time or go to court and plead case to a jury of five other players. While, most of case would be sentenced the defendant to prison.. After a player has successfully completed his time in jail, Crime Points will be cleared to 0.


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Prison Life
Prison isn't meant to be fun, players even receive a debuff that disables ALL combat and mobility skills, mounts and pets.

There are a few things players can do:
1. Talk with other inmates
2. Play soccer
3. Break Crates to obtain striped prison clothing
4. Dig
5. Kill rats
6. Escape!

Prison Break
If players get tired of the prison confines, escaping is surprisingly easy. How to Escape from Prison in ArcheAge?

Escaping from Nuian Prison
Players must obtain five spoons spoons by digging the piles outside of the main prison building. After this, they must go downstairs into the cell with the Tattered Wallpaper, remove the wallpaper, and dig their way out with the spoons.

Escaping from Haranian Prison
Players must obtain a tower key by digging or killing rats, access the tower and glide away with a conveniently located glider found inside. Be warned the glider has a very short duration!

Once outside players can go where they like. However, the debuff is not removed until the sentenced time is up, meaning activities are greatly limited. However, there are many quests scattered around the world that lower criminal points as a reward.


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