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Path 1.2 Update - ArcheAge Hallowtide

The Archeage has updated 150Mb on October 21, the new path 1.2 Build 4.13 has released now! This update aims to greet the Halloween festival activities. Harvest season is coming, the holiday event Hallowtide will be held from October 21 to November 4. Hallotide is the first holiday event in Archeage, you can see massive pumpkin head in the game. In addition, this path limited the number of character in general chat channel.


archeage hallowtide


This event held in Austera and Ezna two big harbor cities, as you can see from this picture, full of kinds of pumpkin heads and pumpkin balloon. Isn't enough? All players can increase the number of pumpkins through completing daily quest.


archeage hallowtide goodie bag


The reward of activity is goodie bag, to complete this quest you need collect 10 pumpkins. You can purchase it or plant it to complete quest. Can we stock the pumpkin and resell it to earn archeage gold? To open the bag, you will acquire some candy and materials randomly. What's more, various sweet halloween skins style we can choose, all limited edition!