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The Time of Red Dragon will be Coming

New content The Red Dragon and his Wyrmkin servants come back to Erenor in next ArcheAge update! Checkout the official news about Prepare for the Red Dragon! Below is the description of the Red Dragon and watch the fight of red dragon world boss from KR or choose NA Alpha video in YouTube.


ArcheAge Red Dragon

"Long ago, the great dragon Misagon led his kin to Erenor to claim it for their own. The people of Erenor, the Nuon, would not relinquish their lands to these dragons, and thus began a great war. Ultimately, the Nuons slayed Misagon and scattered what remained of his brethren.

The surviving dragons were lost without their leader. Desperate and fearful of extinction, many went into hiding. But one – a crimson champion – hoped to replace the fallen Misagon and lead the way home. Alas, to sate his thirst for power, he began feeding off his kin. Before long he succumbed to madness and rage, littered Erenor with the remains of his brethren, and disappeared.

Until Now.

The Red Dragon and his Wyrmkin servants are once more on wing to Erenor, landing in our December game update to lay waste to the forces of Nuia and Haranya. While rumors swirl about Evenbards emerging to organize a defense, heroes turn their gaze toward Karkasse, where the bones of Misagon stand as a testament to the battles that lie ahead!"