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Guide to Hasla Relics Which of the Best Non-Crafted Weapons in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge, whether you are gearing up for end-game PvP or not, there is no denying that having a good weapon will be essential for you post level 50 adventures. Indeed, PvP aside, if you have been exploring the high level zones on your continent, you should have noticed that killing mobs has been getting much harder, even with up to date skills, and weapon obtained from the quests available in the same region. There are two ways to get around this.

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First, crafting weapon. Indeed, being the best in the game, crafted weapons will often have a DPS, Ranged Attack and Magic Attack that will be hundreds of points higher than those of quest weapons. Moreover, it is also possible to regrade them, further increasing your damage output. Unfortunately, after level 40, crafting weapon can get quite pricey as it will take a good amount of luck for you to get the weapon class required for the next class. Regrading will be equally expensive, with a high percentage of failure after achieving a Heroic grade.

Second, Hasla relics. Deep in the Eastern continent, Hasla is the last questing zone of Haranya, with level 47+ mobs. What makes it stand out however is that it harbors an abandoned zone where tokens can be farmed. Once you have amassed 150 of the same token, you can use them, along with 500 labor, to craft a Hasla relic, the best "weapons" in the game after crafted ones. These include:

Faded Lute of Sacrifice (150 Faded Sacrifice Tokens)
Faded Sword of Honor (150 Faded Honor Tokens)
Faded Bow of Courage (150 Faded Courage Tokens)
Faded Greataxe of Loyalty (150 Faded Loyalty Tokens)
Faded Staff of Conviction (150 Faded Conviction Tokens)
Faded Shield of Fortitude (150 Faded Fortitude Tokens)
Faded Compassion Greatclub (150 Faded Compassion Tokens)


Hasla Craft

Obtaining Tokens

There are 4 ways to obtain tokens in Hasla, some of which will require you to kill a large number of mobs, and hope they drop the tokens you want, while others will require a large group to kill strong enemies.



1. Kill the mobs in the specified zone. In the South-East region of Hasla, two common mobs known as the Miasma Rafflesia and the Violent Sarracenia will spawn. When killed, these monsters will always drop one of the 7 tokens listed above. This method can take a lot of time, and it is thus recommended to kill them as a party, each player only picking up one of the tokens. Thus, one party member will be rolling for Conviction Tokens, while another will roll for Honor Tokens, and so on. This is however only optional, and it is entirely possible to farm the Tokens as a solo player.

2. Hanure the Hunter, Raid Boss. This region of Hasla will also harbor a raid boss known as Hanure the Hunter. Possessing over 900k HP, this boss will take a full raid and a few tries to kill. What makes this worth it however is that this boss will always drop 10 of each tokens when killed.

3. Yaksa Expedition Leaders. Now and then, the rift in Hasla will open, letting out Scorpions that drop the same amount of tokens as Rafflesias and Sarracenias, as well as Yaksa Expedition Leader that will drop 25-30 of a random token. The latter will be rather hard to kill as they hit hard and possess over 100k HP. It is recommended to tackle these with a party of 3-4 players, including a tank and a healer.

4. Crafting Artic Earthstones. Don't have the time or patience to farm for 150 of the same token? You can always use your gold to buy Faded Hasla Tokens. When combined with one of each of other tokens, the Faded Hasla Tokens can be crafted into Artic Earthstones, which can then be broken down into 5 of a specific token. To make it simple, you will need 30 of each of the 7 Tokens listed above, as well as 30 Hasla Tokens. The downside to this? Hasla Tokens cost 6 gold each, bringing the total to 180 gold, not counting the extra labor you will need to craft the Artic Earthstones, then break them down.

There you have it. It is all up to you to decide if you have the time to spare for this or not. The fact that it is a heavily farmed PvP zone will surely be a deterrent to many. Just keep in mind that if one of your PvP opponents happens to have a Hasla Relic, you will be at a serious disadvantage.