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ArcheAge Guide: Obtaining Hasla Weapons

Obtaining Hasla Weapons
So you've reached level 50 and you want new weapons for end game Pvp/Raids? Hasla is the place to be. Sitting at the eastern edge of the Eastern Continent in a small valley is the Tehmi Ruins. 

Be warned Hasla is a PVP zone. We would advise taking a group with you.


AA Tehmiruins

Once you'v reached the Tehmi Ruins you will want to head to the anvil in the crafting area of the ruins which is here.


AA Tehniruinsanvil

The anvil is where you will be able to craft all the lovely hasla weapons. Each weapon has 3 grades starting at Rare leading to Arcane and ending with Heroic. The hasla weapons you will be able to craft are: Bow, Lute, 2H Staff, 2H Axe, 1H Sword and Sheild. These are below.


AA hasla Weapons

So how do you get these Hasla weapons? With tokens. These tokens are dropped by mobs in the ruins and are as follows.


AA hasla tokens

Each token gives a different hasla weapon. You need 150 tokens for one Hasla weapon.

  • Honor = 1h Sword
  • Sacrifice = Lute
  • Courage = Bow
  • Loyalty = 2h Sword
  • Conviction = Staff
  • Fortitude = Shield

It takes 150 of your chosen token to receive the basic Faded stage weapon, 200 tokens for Brilliant stage and 300 tokens for the Eternal stage. Because you have to buy each weapon before progressing to the next stage to reach the last stage will cost you 650 tokens. So you want Fortitude tokens but you're getting others? Don't worry collect every token you get because you can convert other tokens into your token of choice. To convert you need one of each token and one of these:

AA hasla fragment
You'll need a fragment for every 5 tokens you want to convert, once you have 5 tokens and a fragment head to the same anvil we talked about earlier and craft one of these:

AA arctic earthstone
An Arctic Earthstone will convert into any 5 of the tokens which can be done via the anvil. Once you've collected 150 of your chosen token you will be able to craft your weapon.

As an end note the two mobs to get tokens are: The Violent Sarracenia & The Miasma Rafflesia, There is also a raid boss called Hanure The Hunter who will drop 10 of each tokens.

Hope this helps anyone who needs a Hasla weapon for level 50, I will add Rift information when i research more.


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