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What's your options for ArcheAge Classes Continent?

ArcheAge Online is a big live world, bigger than World of Warcraft's. There are 2 factions you can choose in the game, the eastern continent Haranya and the western continent Nuia, which are the war with each other. Due to the different birthplace of 4 races are divided into two factions, so you must carefully choose the continent to create characters first, different continents will also affect your earn ArcheAge gold through trading, plants, house, specialty, etc.

Eastern Continent Haranya

Haranya is the home to playable races, Firran and Harani.

Firran are an anthropomorphic feline race, each member of the Firran has a white lion as a pet mount. They has 2 ability that reduces fall damage and increase climb speed. Male firran, tall and aggressive appearance and the female firran are more of a feminine and cute. Harani are the Asian figure, the default appearance is a Korean replica basically, the body is fixed, relatively short. They can reduce the cooldown and cast time of the Recall ability, and increase logging and gathering speed.

Haranya Zones, desert + mountains basically, is the climbers favorite. There is a map with Chinese style buildings in the eastern continent, very beautiful.

AA Eastern Continent


Western Continet Nuia

Nuia is the home to playable races, Nuians and Elves.

Nuians returning form death receive a 10% boost in combat for 10 minutes, and decrease the amount of time for buildings and houses. Elves has a fast swim speed, and the female elves are very beautiful.

Nuria Zones, plain + hilly basically, many beautiful beaches, if you want to live in a Seaview Room, choose the western continent is the best.

AA Western Continent


For each ArcheAge player, though hostile forces entrenched with the opposite of continent, but you still have a chance to go sightseeing tours. Of course, you need in the designated area. When you reach a certain level, the leveling line of two continents will coincide, in other words, you have to fighting with enemy in the same map. Another, trade between the continent, is the fast way to earn ArcheAge gold and Glida Star, also is one of the hotspots of the two factions competing interests.