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The basic introduction to the Running Business in ArcheAge

Running  Business

Running business is a major part of ArcheAge. It can let you gain ArcheAge gold. Gold allows you to build castles and Warship. This is a part that can not be ignored. As long as you have done well in this link, in the initial stage, you can level up faster.

Players need to collect materials and manufacture in the link of run business. Players can turn the wood into specialty. Follow the description on the book to make the specialty which will be completed on the workbench. The manufacture process is quite complex. Therefore, once finished, the specialty should be protected well. Or the specialty is likely to be robbed.

Running business is a quite complicated operation process. It needs a lot of skills. Besides, it requires players to have a string skill. In addition, you need to pay more attention to the teamwork. If you fight alone, you will be easy to be defeated by other players. So we must attach importance to the team's strength. Of course, in team, we do not seek temporary heroism. Gains and losses should be based on the team. If you focus much on your own gains and losses, you will lead to the team's failure. A good team will play a double effect. In addition to the captain's command, we also need the co-operation of teammates.

Running  business can be a fun and challenging experience. Have fun.