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Chicken fever in ArcheAge Online Games

aa chicken farm

My "gamer DNA" said I was a killer. But that was before I started playing ArcheAge. Gack! Those chickens drives me nuts D:  (winks at guild friend in Rift; Riothechicken) And I cant help myself I just want to feed them and collect their precious eggs rather than killing people. Well if someone drops by and tries to steal them… I dunno….  :O)

ArcheAge has swallowed me completely. Its like Hayday on speed married to RIFT with Ultima online as grandfather :S

aa egg

So im not sure what im doing but I potter around and have become a country girl

elk sleep

In the background my elf and her elk is taking a break after being wounded in battle. When your mount/pet get wounded you have to see a stable hand to heal it otherwise it lose speed.

screen shot

I love the graphic and the animations. (Click for larger)

screen shot 1

And as its a sandbox there is crazy stuff going on here and there like this ship sailing in the middle of the village >.>

screen shot 2

I created a human too, as its beta I think its good to try as much as possible. The pic is from where she got her foal which grew up to a beautyful horse just a few minutes later

screen shot 3

The water is amazing and I only tried a rowing boat so far but it will be epic to sail a ship one day *_*

screen shot 4

This feels a lot like a virtual world where the crafting is so much more than just picking up plants. You can buy beautyful houses and farms (showroom at Mirage Island),  place them in world and not on a separate server. Im only at level 13 with my highest atm but I feel this game is eating me alive. Its similar enough to Rift so its easy to play. The community feeling is great and it seems Trion can handle the social better than some other companies… (ESO….). U get invited to raids/public groups as u do in Rift. Im having a lot of fun so far and I hope you do too if you have had the opportunity to try it <3

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