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How to Build a Palaclin in ArcheAge

In the game, every player wants to build a character which can heal, cure and deal with high damage output. But if you want to make the above three aspects reaching the maximum at a time, it is nearly impossible. In the mmorpg, the character with capabilities of healing, cure and damage output will be too normal in all aspect. But the Palaclin will make everything be possible in dungeon.

First of all, see the skill set.


Palaclin Skill

Battlerage: the only damage output skill of Palaclin, because of soloing dungeons, you need to pick up the output skills. The linkage effect of Charge + Triple Slash, Whirlwind Slash + Sunder Earth will provide you with extra damage. Precision Strike will deliver powerful strike. Especially the backstabbing increases melee critical rate will increase by 30%. Frenzy as the core damage output skill of Palaclin, it is a key skill for farming dungeons alone. Although you may get the certain attacking force at the expense of defense, for Palaclin with certain blocking and healing capability, Sacrificing defense for a short period of time in exchange for maximizing output is absolutely necessary.

Vitalism: We need to pick up a few skills that can boost healing immediately, because in the fighting, Paliclin needs more time for damage output. Therefore, songcraft is completely limited. Fervent Healing with instant health recovery speed will enhance the sustained combat capability greatly. In that way, you will not get in the circumstance that the mana will use up in the process of fighting.

Defense: When you join in a group, please pick up provocation. This is only for Paliclin. Refreshment and Toughen will enhance the melee solo capability. The attributes of redoubt: block, preventing being pushed or knocked down are the fundamental factor for Faliclin. As for invincibility, you will be invincible if you stand there not move. But the effect will be canceled if you move. Therefore, the skill is not good to use. Of course, you need to pick it in the large dungeon.