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ArcheAge Class Primeval Skill Build For The Beginner

Today, we would like to introduce the Archeage Class Primeval Skill build for the beginner level up fast and easy. The Primeval has three skill sets, they are Auramancy, Archery and Shadowplay. This skill build apply to player solo in the game.


ArcheAge Skill Build

Charged Bolt: This skill not only can slow move speed of enemy, but also it can cause combos that slowed targets are stunned and this skill always hits! I do really recommend you choose Charged Bolt for the Instant Cast and 20m range. All in all, the mana cost is less!
Piercing Shot: This skill can cause the bleed effect on targets, as well as has the combos to inflict addition damage over time on Poisoned targets. To match with the shadowplay skill can increase the effect of damage.strongly recommend you to choose this!
Wild Instincts: To Increase the move speed and basic bow attack damage, the necessary passive skill in Archery skill sets.
Sharpshooting: To Increases Ranged Critical Rate and deal additional damage, decreases cooldown for Deadeye 6 second. Necessary skill in Archery skill sets.

Overwhelm: This is the only one stun skill for Archeage Primeval, to stun enemy and can't use Snared as well as deal (81 + 214% Melee Attack) Physical Damage. No matter in the PvP or PvE, I do really recommend you choose this skill.
Stalker's Mark: This is the quintessence skill for all Range class in Archeage. The 25M range is the longest among all skills and the Marks' effect can be added to increase targets receive damage. When mark ends,the target receives additional damage of 50 times. The combos would inflict addition damage on poisoned targets.
Shadowsite: This is a melee skill, to deal damage equal to 90 times your stacked bloodthirst and backstabbing adds physical damage equal to 600% of melee attack. The combos inflicts additional damage on stunned targets, and Resets stealth cooldown if in stealth. I supposed you can't ignore this skill!
Piercing: To Increase critical rate, necessary skill.

Meditate: Restore mana per second, totally restore 36% max mana in 9 seconds. When you are alone to fight with mobs, the most important is lack of mana. As the beginner in the archeage, we don't have sufficent gold to buy potion. This skill would be your great choice!
Shrug it off: Cancel all stun and impale debuffe,the best and necessary in Auramancy.


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