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ArcheAge Guide: ArcheAge Mount for Combat

Mounts can fight against monsters in ArcheAge. How use mounts for fighting around the game world? This guide will show you in detail. 

To equip your mount with armors
Archeage mounts has Health. It means that mounts can be hurt and dead. Therefore, in order to give your mounts better stats and defense, you have to equip your mount with armors to before the mount start to fight. There is basic armor and special sets for mounts. The former can be purchased from stables with ArcheAge Gold. However, the latter can be gained as drops or during events.

To unlock mount abilities
Like your classes, some of mounts have their own fighting abilities, such as horses, snow lions and so on. As mounts are leveled up, you can unlock various abilities for your mounts, which is important in mount combat. Different mounts have different abilities can be used while you're riding.

To use mount for fight
You ride your mount for fight. You skillfully cast mount abilities for fight and escape. There is a hot video from, which shows you how Level 11 greay horse combat with basic abilities.


To heal mount
As noted, a mount can be hurt. To bend on disabling your means of escape in battle, hostile NPCs or players are able to attack your mount. If it is defeated and injured, your mount enters an injured state and collapse. The speed of the injured mount is reduced by 30%. What's worse, it doesn't gain experience any more. At that time, you must heal it.
You can find Stablemasters in many villages and ask them help heal your mount for a fee. You can also carry mount recovery potions to treat your companion in the field.