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Remote Classes with Vitalism for ArcheAge Beginners

Vitalism can improve your viability while enhancing combat effectiveness with other skills in ArcheAge online game, especially in archeage dungeon, it is one of the essential class with vitalism skill. Now, we recommended 3 remote classes with vitalism skill for beginner leveling fast and easy.

Note: Before Vitalism was announced by Trion as the official English name of this skill set, it was referred to as Devotion by the ArcheAge community.


ArcheAge Vitalism

Ranger (Vitalism + Archery + Shadowplay)

Ranger has a high remote attack for single target, but it is not good for group enemies. High attack of archery with escapes of shadowplay and stealth skills, make this class very wretched.
Both Archery and Shadowplay have bow based attacks so they are frequently used together. However, you could have a bow based build that uses only archery or only Shadow Play. The second option may not be too feasible, but nonetheless it is possible.
Archery revolves around the bow. The vast majority of skills are bow attacks or passives to improve your bow. What's left over is Crowd Control or mobility enhancing.
ShadowPlay is on the other hand most associated with the typical rogue class and is a hybrid between three fields: Ranged attacks (Bow), Melee Attacks and Utility. Most notably the skill trees utility revolves around stealth, mobility & Aggro reduction.
With Vitalism, can self-buffs, self-heals, group-heals.
Combo skill, Toxic Shot + Piercing Shot, piercing shot can inflict additional + 27% damage over time on Poisoned targets, so you must cast toxic shot before piercing shot skill.

Shaman (Witchcraft + Vitalism + Sorcery)

Witchcraft with a strong ability to control, Sorcery with a remote attack, so Shaman class is very popular in dungeon, especially slay the boss.
Solo for low level enemy, Antithesis + Freezing Arrow + Flamebolt + Arc Lightning. Once the enemy nearby to you, use the Insidious Whisper or Lassitude, then continue use above skills.

Cultist (Vitalism + Sorcery + Occultism)

Leveling guide
Before level 5, using Antithesis + Bow + Melee, can use its range to attack the target within 25 meter.
Level 5, using Antithesis + Mirror Light, mirror light inflicts snare enemies for 3 seconds, if still can not kill them, please cast again Antithesis skill.
Level 10, Antithesis + Freezing Arrow + Mirror Light + Flamebolt, try not to be besieged by enemies when you solo.
Insulating Lens of Sorcery, is very nice skill, increases your Physical Defense + absorbing damage, you are invincible to deal the normal enemy with the effect of Insulating Lens, so you must cast the insulating lens before kill the enemy. Now, this class has been nerfed in 1.2, and become useless.