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NHL 22: The complete guide to offense and defense strategy

Before,  I have already shared what some very good team strategy guidelines in NHL 22. The strategy in the game is an essential decisive factor in determining the game's victory, so start to make your team the best HUT Ultimate Team in NHL 22. Attack and The defensive strategy is the most important strategic factor in the game. Get more HUT 22 coins by winning the game to build your ideal Ultimate Team. This article will describe the detailed guide of the offensive strategy and defensive strategy in NHL 22.


NHL 22: Offensive & Defensive Strategy

You can adjust the offense and defense of any of the four offensive lines and three defensive combinations in the game.

Your team strategy will still govern the overall tactics of your team. Still, you can develop a specific plan that suits your player's strengths by adjusting the offensive line and defensive matching strategy.



NHL 22: Offensive Strategy

Among the four offensive lines, you can adjust the performance of each offensive end at will. As well as the tendency of each line to hold or toss, loop or shoot, efficient or high-speed sliding, and their frequency Choose to try to block.

Naturally, the player's skill level and its value to the team will affect how you set the line strategy options and sliders.


Behind the net: Once you enter the offensive zone, your line of defense will be set up with the skater standing behind the opponent's net. Bypassing the ball quickly, players behind the net can take advantage of the goalkeeper's lack of vision behind their creases to open up scoring channels.


Overload: The overload line strategy in NHL 22 allows your players to spread out more, giving high-rated players enough room to use their speed and skills to create opportunities on the offensive end.


Crash the Net: If you have strong players on your team, Crash the Net is an excellent choice to take advantage of physical fitness. Using this line strategy, players without a hockey puck will squeeze into the net in a hurry, setting up many screens and potential deflection.


Carry/Dump: The range is from 0 to 10. The smaller the number on the slider, the more your skater will choose to carry the puck instead of throwing it on the offensive end.


Cycle/shoot: range from 0 to 10. The smaller the number on the slider, your skater will try to cycle the puck to show a better route to the goal instead of shooting more frequently when seeing the goal.


Efficiency/Energy: From 0 to 10, the smaller the number on the slider, the more efficient your team will glide, saving energy later in the game. When you move the slider to a higher number, it means you can play at a higher intensity and consume energy faster.


Don't block/block: From 0 to 10, the smaller the number on the slider means that your skater is more inclined to put his body on the line to block the shot. The larger the number on the slider, it means that your skater will try to keep the shooting route clear so that your goalkeeper can see the shot.



NHL 22: Defensive Strategy

You have only a few options to decide how your defensive combinations work independently of each other.

In the defensive match-line strategy, you will be able to determine the aggressiveness of the defensive players and whether they should seek to pass or shoot.


Hold Line/Pinch: The range is from zero to ten. The smaller the number on the slider, the defender will try to maintain their position on the blue line. Higher numbers mean they will seek to get caught from the blue line to take risks and engage in aggressive matches.


Cycling/Shooting: The range is from 0 to 10. The smaller the number on the slider, it means that your defenders will circulate the ball more frequently, looking for passes instead of shooting. A higher number indicates that if there are options, your defenders will tend to shoot online.



NHL 22: The best team strategy

It would help if you always chose your team strategy based on your player's strengths, speed, and game preferences.


If you prefer defensive players, you should choose more passive team strategies. However, if your team is full of skilled players and can take advantage of their high offensive attribute ratings, choose a more aggressive or skill-oriented team strategy.


The team strategy options selected below are suitable for a strong team that can become a contender for the playoffs. It provides a good combination of defensive coverage and allows skilled players to use their offensive talents regularly.

The NHL 22 team strategy may not be the most suitable for your team, but it should be a good foundation for you, and then you can adjust it according to the strengths of your players and lineup combination.



NHL 22: The best strategy

With relatively few available options for your offensive line strategy, it is easy to make your team more focused on possession, fast pace, or defense.


For your top line, you may want to use the offensive skills of your best players so that you can use the following offensive line strategy options as a starting point.


Depending on the number of major special teams your top players are on, you may need to lower the efficiency/energy slider.

As for your defensive pairing, it all comes down to whether you believe your defensive players can enter a good offensive position and whether you want them to make a goal on the net.
The line strategy for defensive pairings below shows a good selection of top defensive pairs on the slider, where at least one defensive player with offensive talent is present.
If your top defensive combination has powerful offensive defenders, and your offense depends on their goals, it may be a good idea to slide the loop/shot option up a few points.
Be sure to try different combinations of team strategies, try some very passive overall plans, and some more aggressive settings.
The most important rule when creating a team and line strategy in NHL 22 is to take advantage of the players.