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How to use the issue tracker in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has a lot of daily and weekly activities that require your attention day in and day out, and it can be Lost Ark challenge to keep track of everything you need to do in a given amount of time. While some players may be trying to keep a spreadsheet or keep track of everything in their head, there is now a handy way to keep track of what you should be doing in the game.



Lost Ark's recent May update brought several new quality of life improvements to help players play comfortably. This kind of update may be the addition of the process tracker that allows you to keep track of what everyday or weekly activities you nonetheless need to complete. No more clicking on a Google Sheets document - everything is now available in-game.


To use the issue tracker, navigate to the Services button in the lower right corner of the screen. Then go to the Game Menu tab. Alternatively, you could press the ESC crucial on your keyboard instead. This will take you to the game menu. You can see the new location for the task tracker on the right side of the game menu.



Click Settings in the Task Tracker, which will take you to a screen where you can select daily and weekly tasks. Want to track.



You can click the checkmark button for anything you want to track. It's a good idea to mark everything, as ideally, you should be doing everything it follows anyway. After selecting everything, you want to track, click Apply.



Scroll down to see your weeklies while your dailies are neatly lined up at the top. You can see all the tasks you need to know on the right side of the screen. Each number on the right side shows how much of a specific task you have left to complete. For example, in the image above, next to Una's tasks is the number 3/3, which means there are three more Una's tasks to complete.


Note. While this list covers most of the daily and weekly papers you should be making, it doesn't include everything. For example, there is no way to track if you have completed a specific event, such as a Field Boss or a Chaos Gate. It is also impossible to track if you visited the Island of Adventure during the day or the weekly store. Be mindful of what's left for you to do, and don't rely solely on this tracker. However, it does most of the work, so use it properly.


You should also be aware that each character has a separate task tracker. If you have alt. characters, you'll have to go to each character and set up the task tracker. You could do this very quickly by simply switching characters.


You need to know about using the Lost Ark issue tracker! You will have no reason to skip daily or weekly tasks, so use this tool wisely.