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FFXIV & Patch 3.15: Many Usual General Bug Fixes

Final Fantasy the newest patch has been released, more importantly, introduces a number of new side quests and the usual general bug fixes. More Final Fantasy Details, you can be found more here:



Final Fantasy XIV Lives On With Patch 3.15


Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate, as the new set of side quests, the new quests require you to be at least level 60, if you are eager to success. They’ve introduced a very powerful new weapon they’re calling Anima weapons. Supremely powerful, and you can enjoy a host of new items and a futher balanced economy. But, some issues need to be fixed. 


The Following Issues Were Fixed:

An issue wherein the text displayed when completing the Heavensward sightseeing log was not correct.

An issue wherein entering a Frontline while mounted on the Sanuwa mount would cause pets to not be displayed inside the instance.

An issue with the Bard quest “A Song of Bards and Bowmen” wherein progress was unable to be made under certain conditions.

An issue when using the housing item “The Unending Journey” wherein the door of the house would become un-targetable.

An issue wherein making any direct changes to the save data would cause an inability to progress beyond the character select screen. More Issues need to be fixed, in a nutshell, Final Fantasy gamers have a common choice, offers more cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and worth their trust.