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Questions about Skill Queue System in ArcheAge

Watch the video below:

10 ms: 6 skills in 7,2 seconds
100 ms: 6 skills in 8,2 seconds
250 ms: 6 skills in 9,8 seconds

For every 10 ms of additional latency you lose 1,5% of attack speed.

What skill queue does most of all is remove any delay between skills caused by latency .

A skill queue system would greatly improve the gameplay of high latency players (Australia, Oceania, SEA, South America) and reduce the huge disadvantage they have against low latency players .

An ability queue allows you to select the next spell you cast before the current global cooldown ends. This allows players to choose the next spell they want to cast. In Rift, there are two options for the queue. You can either give it 1 spell in advance or you can choose 200 ms before the GCD ends. Depending on latency, you choose the one that offers you the best rotation.

What it really does, more than anything else, is make your casting more streamline and fluid. You don't have to wait for the current spelll to end completely. You don't have to worry about people with almost no latency having enormous advantages because they can queue up more spells in a given time period.


Without an ability queue you are limited in how many spells you can cast in a certain amount of time based solely on your latency because you cannot tell the game to cast another spell before the game tells you you finished casting the current spell. Any latency at all works against you and you can even feel stuck waiting on those triple cast spells being hit well after they needed to be, or not holding down your hotkey for fear that it might start recasting it as soon as it finishes the third cast instead of letting you cast something else. It makes rotations really awkward and punishes you heavily for minor mistakes. Have Fun!