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Discussion About Cash Shop - Removed or Changed

Just to start, some players think any game that has a subscription fee should not have anything in a cash shop other than cosmetic things and a free to play game the door can be wide open for anything to be there. Archeage is a combination of the two, which makes balancing this stuff a pain.

First, the stuff in the cash shop that bothers players a lot

Expansion Scroll
Why was this change from ArcheAge gold to a cash shop item? As a monthly paying customer some players do not want to be nickel and dimed for core game features. This needs to be reverted back to a gold purchasable item or moved to the loyalty shop.

Spacious Storage Chest
Why was this removed from Handicrafts and placed in the cash shop (answer: money grab). This chest, which holds 50 items, needs to be either removed from the cash shop or added back as a handicraft craft able item or a loyalty item.

Wagon Upgrade Ticket
This is by definition a pay to win item. These upgrade tickets upgrade the base wagon to hold more slots. We know you can't obtain this upgraded wagon any other way other than the cash shop. Either a way needs to be added to the game where you can obtain this item, or it needs to be removed from the cash shop.

Building Appraisal
Why in the world is an item that can ONLY be used by paying customers in the cash shop and not obtainable any way else? This item needs to be removed from the cash shop entirely and added to the core game mechanics.

Stuff that Mildly Irritates Players

Worker's Compensation (1000 labor)
In a game where labor is a core game mechanic, this item is questionable. It is definitely a pay to win item, but probably only at the start of new server. It gives a huge advantage to players who want to use them every 12 hours. Obviously at a minimum the ability to chug these need to have an account restriction. We think they should have a much larger cooldown, say 24 hours, or even once a week.

Flaming Pinion (30% burst speed for glider)
This doesn't bother players too much although it does give a slight advantage to people. These items should be available in game as well.

Vocation Tonic (100% increase in vocation exp)
Another temporary pay to win item, doesn't bother players too much, players won't be buying them and we think they can be found in the Daru chests you can get with loyalty points.

Specialization Snowflake (used for increasing crafting limits)
This is basically a cash for gold item. These items are in game off a vendor for 200g. If they were dropped by mobs it would make players feel better, but the fact that they are only purchasable from an in game vendor bothers me.

Pet upgrade items (Thoroughbred upgrade etc)
This is basically a cash for gold item as well. These items are in game off a vendor for 500g. If they were dropped by mobs it would make players feel better, but the fact that they are only purchasable from an in game vendor bothers me a little.

Tax certificates
This is basically the equivalent of buying labor for cash. We think there should be a limit on the number of these you can purchase at any given time, and they should be removed from the cash shop during the headstart so people can't land grab to such a huge extent.

What do other folks think of the current status of the cash shop?

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