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Crafting Consumables Items to Gain Buffs in ArcheAge PvP World

In the Archeage you need lots of consumables' help to gain various buff in PvP battle. There are stacking tons of food/potion/scrolls and rolling over people in PvP. Comparing some one with full consumable buffs to someone with none is like comparing someone with gear and someone without gear. Especially for the newbie in Archeage, to learn how to craft these consumable would gain big benefits in the battle.

AA Skill

Brick Wall [Use to decrease all types of receiver damage 60 for 30 minutes]
Crafting Materials:
1x Blank Regrade Scroll + 3 x Glossy Feater + 5 x Leather + 5 x Fabric + 5 x Yellow Coral = 5 x Spellbook Brick Wall
Unstoppable Force [Use to increase melee and magic attack + 86 for 30 minutes]
Crafting Materials:
1 x Blank Regrade Scroll + 3 x Glossy Feather + 5 x Leather + 5 x Fabric + 5x Orange Coral = 5 x Spellbook Unstoppable Force

Tangy Soda [Use to increase maximum health 1040 for 30 minutes ]
Crafting Materials:
5 Bubble Tea + 5 Orchard Puree + 3 Banana + 3 Pomegranate = 5 Tangy Soda
Tangy Liquor [Use to increase maximum mana 1040 for 30 minutes]
Crafting Materials:
5 Bubble Tea Liquor + 5 Orchard Puree + 3 Cherry + 3 Orange = 5 Tangy Liquor
Roast Ribs [Use to increase intelligence 60 for 30 minutes]
Crafting Materials:
3 Roast Sirloin + 5 Trimmed Meat + 5 Dried Flowers + 5 Egg + 5 Yeta Meat = 3 Roast Ribs

While, each crafting action in Archeage need the Labor Points.The cost of action depends on the difficulty. The detailed information about how to take use of Archeage Labor Points we would post later. The tips you should notice that when you level up a crafting profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions withing that profession. It's a great way to spend less labor power.