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Archeage Guild: How to Build and Farm Growling Yawl

Though Archeage has been released years ago, Aecheage is a large game contains many aspects. This passage is discussing how to build and farm growling yawl.


Fistly, the players need to get the total of 55 fragments.


Then the players need to click it to make the Growling Yawl Design.


Once the players have the design, players need to craft "Small Warship Material" + 25 gold to place the design on water to be built. 


Lumber x500, Fabric x 500 and Iron Ingot x500 (Respectively) was required to complete your Growling Yawl (Make them to PACKS) after all of above.


As forhow to farm Growling Yawl, maybe the best way is to run around killing all of them or stick to the areas with a lot of mobs that drop as there are a bunch of mobs that drop those. Please let us know if you have better idea. Thank you for your reading.