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FIFA 20 Knocking the ball in front and Experiment

We know for a fact that not just on the game, but in real life also, if you are moving onto a ball to cross, it is much easier to whip in and cause problems for the defenders. If you have beaten the full-back and have space, do a great touch out of your feet (either using the right stick or the sprint button). Then, before your player reaches the ball, decide which type of cross you’re going to perform come off the sprint button and press the cross button accordingly. You will find this enables a more accurate cross for your strikers to attack. The only danger with this is knocking the ball too far, so you overrun the ball for a goal-kick or a defender has the chance to get in a block. You will soon learn how now from the by-line you can do the big touch, but usually, the ball is knocked around 10 or so yards in front of the player.


This is a key tip for this area of the game; U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Seller have experimented with crosses from all over the pitch with different players and holding different button combinations etc. You’ll get to know which type of crosses work best in which situations and you’ll soon start scoring more goals from crosses. Using the skill games is also a crucial part of FIFA where you can find out more about crossing angles and practice this regularly