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Comprehensive Preview for the ArcheAge Upcoming Features

The high quality equipment is one of the main keys to survive in  PvE battles, and enough strong to participate in PVP battles. Players will be able to buy new weapons and musical instruments for characters on level 50: Obsidian and argenitovoe. you will be able to learn the basic details about the equipment.

Each subject has a special additional feature, depending on the type: for example, the mace increases critical effect healing and lute the spell resistance. Therefore, when choosing equipment it is necessary to pay attention in the first place, because its a bonus.


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For the production of these weapons you do not have to be a craftsman,the ability to do it is absolutely all. For the manufacture of obsidian you need simple equipment: anvil, table or workbench decorator. The production process is similar to the standard items: to get the best stuff it requires a similar previous level of the performance. Apart from resources obtained after killing monsters and bosses, you will need the wreckage of weapons, depending on the quality of the desired equipment. The made object can be passed to another players, if it has not been used.

The resources for the first three stages of production are conventional obsidian weapons, fortified and they can be obtained by hunting monsters that inhabit the sparkling coastline and sunny fields, as well as in the Abyss:

1. Small and large pieces of obsidian - in any of the three locations;
2. Opals and turquoise - only in sunny fields and Abyss.


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For the fourth stage (ie,. E. Argenitovyh for creating objects) you will need more material during the battles with the monsters in the library of Ernarda. No matter what floor you choose you have to get all the necessary resources.


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The reinforced and mirror weapons are the argenitovogo weapons which will be the most difficult: you will need especially rare and valuable materials, obtained by defeating bosses in instances and open world fields. For the opportunity to get many of them you probably have to compete with others who want to get them! For example, to create a one-handed sword you must be reinforced to get the ball astrologer and gilded scales Halnaka and the mirror is a heart stone of Morfeosa.

If you have collected all 12 collector coins dedicated to the participants of the first expedition, and exchanged them for Delphic star,  you will get a valuable prize,a winged horse or a unicorn. After installing a new version of the client, you can use a special machine on the Mirage for the horse. Also they will  add the missing NPC to exchange coins for Delphic Star.


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